National BioTechnology Authority To Establish Genomic Centre

National BioTechnology Authority is set to establish a Genomic Centre that will offer high level biotech research to the security, environment, agriculture and health industry in the country.

Speaking to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee On Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Committee, today in the capital, National Biotechnology Acting CEO Dr Savadye said the Authority is working towards developing the biotech industry and develop Zimbabwe through the application of both conventional and cutting-edge biotechnologies.

“We are establishing a Genomic center which is a center that will help offer services to the security,agriculture ,health and pharmaceutical industry by conducting higher level research.”

Parliament Portfolio Committee Members and National Biotechnology Authority Members.

“The center will make sure that we quickly catch up with other countries in terms of biotechnological research”.

According to Dr Savadye, the Authority has already secured partners who will assist in the establishing of the centre however they (NBA) will remain a major player in the Centre which is meant to have four major arms.

“We have Partnered with the African Institute of Biomedical Technology which is going to be heading the health wing.” he added, ” National Biotech Authority is the main player and it will establish other three arms namely Agriculture, Environment and Industry so that the Genomics Centre has four arms,”

The Genomic Centre is already in the process of getting established.

The National Biotechnology Authority of Zimbabwe (NBA) is an autonomous research and development institution with a mandate to

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