DStv Zimbabwe dismisses Fake Letter On Shutting down SA Accounts

Social media yesterday went into overdrive after a letter purported to be from MultiChoice South Africa was being circulated.The letter which was addressed to installers contained information that SA accounts were being closed in Zimbabwe.Part of the letter said

“Dear 3rd party installers, it is with deep regret to announce that South African Accounts Are being closed in Zimbabwe.The new Geolocation system which has been Installed by Multichoice is detecting all decoders which are being used Outside South African territory and shutting them as it is illegal to view.”

Below is the unofficial letter.

However,DStv Zimbabwe later responded distancing Multichoice from the letter saying

” It has come to our attention that a hoax letter has surfaced in Zimbabwe alleging that MultiChoice South Africa has notified third party installers of a geolocation system being used to shut down illegal viewing.We wish to inform all stakeholders that this letter was not issued by MultiChoice”

Below is DStv Zimbabwe’s response.

Over the years DStv Zimbabwe subscribers have opted to use DStv SA because of better packages offered and affordability.The subscribers have through various platforms aired their views and urged DStv Zimbabwe to rearrange their packages and offer eye-catching channels.

Some installers have manipulated the DStv SA system and have been registering subscribers illegally and connecting them at a much cheaper cost. MultiChoice will continue to lose millions of dollars from illegal viewing across many African countries unless they put measures that are deterrent enough to stop illegal subscribers.

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