TelOne Reduces Internet Access Costs by 40%

TelOne has reduced its internet access costs by 40% through laying its own fibre optic cables from Harare to Beitbridge into South Africa.This reduction will result in broadband growth and better revenue performance.

Speaking during the Commissioning of the National Backbone Fibre Link in Beitbridge,ICT,Postal and Courier Services Minister Hon Kazembe Kazembe said the optic fibre will allow affordable internet rates.

“I am pleased to advise that the commissioning of this route has enabled the landing of internet bandwidth into Zimbabwe at significantly lower costs,reducing prices by up to 40%,” said Hon Kazembe

The cost reduction comes as a result of the US$98 million project in partnership with Huawei Technologies of China.Under this project, a fibre optic underground cable linking Beitbridge to Harare-Bulawayo-South Africa and the rest of the world has been completed.In addition,the development of such infrastructure is pivotal as it supports the digital economy which has been earmarked as a key working area by the ministry.

Since November 2017,The Zimbabwe is Open for Business championed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been dominant and the fibre link will go a long way in positioning the country as a good investment destination.

“This kind of investment will result in increased interest from regional and global communication firms in setting up projects across the country.As a result ,the ICT sector has the potential for growth in the short to long term,” he said.

As the country moves torwards a digital economy,affordable internet bandwidth will unlock various opportunities in different sectors through employment creation,efficient and cost-effective communication.

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