Steward Bank Introduces Whatsapp Banking

Social media payment is a big thing in China, infact its the most popular means of settilng any bill via Wechat, a Chinese version of WhatsApp which sees milions of transactions trading daily.

Steward bank has become the first local bank to run such technology, though still running on an automated AI system, the QR code version would have made it a big deal allowing users to tap and go while they settle accounts using a unique social media ID.

Yesterday Steward Bank launched their Sosholoza Platform where customers can do all their banking transactions via Whatsapp, from moving funds from their banks to their wallets or vice-versa,paying bills, buying airtime

How do I do it?

  1. Save the #Sosholoza number 077 7 222 333 to your phone
  2. Send a ‘hi” to the number
  3. You will be given a list of preferences on what you can do on the platform
  4. Click the number of your choice and begin to bank with your Whatsapp

The Sosholoza Platform is universal that is to say, you do not necessarily have to be an account holder with Steward Bank so that you can access these above facilities. Transactions can be done from wallet to any bank and any bank to any wallet.

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