Ecosure-MARS in new Ambulance services partnership

Ecosure’s insurance business partner Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe has introduced a new package that will cater for the provision of Ambulance services from MARS.

The Ambulance service package was launched today by EcoSure in partnership with MARS.Existing and potential EcoSure customers will be allowed to register and get access to Ambulance services from all four corners of the country.

Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe CEO Mr Eddie Chibi said the service would go a long way in saving lives due to its affordability.

“Over the years we have seen lives needlessly lost due to inaccessibility of ambulance services. That’s why we have now developed the Ambulance add-on service to give access to affordable ambulance services to the majority of Zimbabweans,” Mr Chibi said.

EcoSure Funeral Cover policy holders can now access affordable insurance cover for only $2 per month by simply dialing *900#

Speaking after the launch, EcoCash CEO and also Interim EcoSure CEO Natalie Jabangwe highlighted how they had women in mind when they launched this product.It is also hoped that the product will mostly help women in health care events such as medical emergencies due to its accessibility and affordability.

The past few years have seen the Econet Group through its various subsidiaries championing the need to harness the power of technology to meet people’s needs by introducing a number of innovative and affordable products to cater for all their customers regardless of their social and economic status.

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