Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone Xs – South African pricing

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will officially launch in South Africa, tomorrow, 8 March 2019, and take on Apple’s iPhone Xs.

Devices in these premium ranges are expensive and include the latest features available.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and S10+ are a serious step-up from the manufacturer’s previous-generation devices, boasting redesigned displays with built-in fingerprint sensors and bezel-less panels with a cutout for the front-facing camera.

The smartphones also have an overhauled camera system and more powerful hardware.

We compared the pricing, specifications, and features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 against Apple’s iPhone Xs below.

Following the lead of Apple, which announced a cheaper iPhone Xr device alongside its new premium products, Samsung announced the Galaxy S10e alongside its new S10 and S10+.

This device lacks the same camera hardware, curved display, and in-screen fingerprint sensor of the more expensive devices, but is priced significantly lower.

Apple’s iPhone Xs line-up also delivered a number of improvements over the iPhone X, but incurred a large price increase as a result.

This warranted the launch of the iPhone Xr, which is cheaper than the Xs, but lacks an OLED display and other flagship features.

We will only compare the Galaxy S10 and S10+ premium devices with their Apple counterparts for the purpose of this article, however.

Below is the pricing for Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and S10+ in South Africa.

Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB – R18,999
Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB – R20,999
Samsung Galaxy S10+ 512GB – R25,999
Samsung Galaxy S10+ 1TB – R35,999

Below is the pricing of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max smartphones :

iPhone Xs 64GB – R21,499
iPhone Xs 256GB – R24,699
iPhone Xs 512GB – R28,999
iPhone Xs Max 64GB – R23,699
iPhone Xs Max 256GB – R26,999
iPhone Xs Max 512GB – R31,499

Features and hardware

Both the Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone Xs run the latest versions of their respective operating systems and are powered by cutting-edge processors.

The Galaxy S10 boasts Samsung’s first 8nm Exynos 9820 Octa mobile processor, while the iPhone Xs has an A12 Bionic chip inside.

While the Galaxy S10 has dropped the capacitive fingerprint sensor on the back of the smartphone in favour of an in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, the iPhone Xs does not include a fingerprint sensor at all and relies on Face ID biometric authentication.

The iPhone Xs also does not support reverse wireless charging like the Samsung Galaxy S10, which can be used to charge Qi-compatible devices.

If you are willing to spend around R20,000 on the next instalment in the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone X line-up, the impressive specifications and slightly cheaper price tag of the Galaxy S10 might win you over.

However, the biggest difference as always is the operating system, and iOS users may prefer to spend a bit more for painless updates and continued access to the Apple ecosystem.

Below are the specifications and minimum local pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ compared to the iPhone Xs and Xs Max.


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