#MondayBlues: Zesa Cant Even Sell Their Own Electricity.

Some parastatals just make you feel so sick. They are so quick to create press statements, (if at all they do) on excuses and apologies on inconveniences caused over a problem they have always had, and continuously encountered.

One such mammal is ZESA or ZETDC what ever name that applies to them. They are enjoying the monopoly to supply national electricity, and if their system goes down, they are really not under pressure to get it up because there is no competition.

Infact they can still afford to knock off at 5pm, fully known that their power plus vendor system that sells electricity to all the nation’s vendors is currently not able to generate energy to the clients, and someone that night is sleeping in darkness because they failed to deliver.

Their next step of action must be callng out technical team, even if it means they do an all night system maintenance and upgrade, debugging, restoring server, relaying to back up server or in worst case, installing a new server simply becasue a memory module has fried!

Low and behold, a whole ZESA will go to sleep and will care to just send you a press statement!

48hrs after such a crisis all we have is nothing but a God Damn press statement! Who employs such morons ?

Why are we always taken for granted by State Owned Enterprises (SOE) who cant even declare dividends in a monopoly, and all they do is issue press statements.

Remember when they once said dams are low on water hence the load shedding, Lord help us for we are damned and doomed with these people in power. These are the same people who gave Wicknell $5 million in advance for almost no return and he sued them back $25 million and won!

Is that not the point which any sane manager or director must do the Honorable thing and resign. Ask the nation to fill in the post with a more competent Zimbabwean who at least knows how to supply electricity.

These are the same same State Owned Enterprises who have all the national budget and support, and till now they struggle to break even and government as well is struggling to wean them off as they try to partially privatize.

In all this runt, I guess all i’m simply trying to say is fix ZESA for us, its a service that is needed as a basic commodity not a luxury and you must not sleep well the next time this problem occurs.

If we had real competition, surely you would not prioritize a national press statement but have a lasting solution to a continuously recurring problem.

Powertel did you a magic when they cut off the traditional queues from the banking halls with Power Plus connecting many vendors. We cant even enjoy the option of paying in the luxury of our homes because someone is not doing his/her job

Dear Valued Customeradvertisement

You may experience service disruptions in trying to purchase ZESA prepaid tokens as the ZESA token purchase system is not stable.
We are working with ZETDC and Powertel to resolve the technical challenge and we will advise you as soon as normal service is restored.
We are pleased to advise that all other services on EcoCash are working.

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