#MondayBlues: Potraz Board Is Long Overdue

“Kazembe Kazembe, Huya Pano!”

If you know this famous statement , this is the time where Dr Amai would have come in very handy to put pressure on the minister to literally do anything instantly!

The national Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Of Zimbabwe, Potraz, has been running without a board for many months now and we strongly fear allowing more months, will set an acceptable precedence, running for more months, which may even culminate into a year, should there be no urgency.

The newly enacted minister is yet to announce boards across the ministry, for state owned telecommunication operators, while we greatly appreciate the swiftness to NetOne, Kudos for putting that house in order, however Potraz is more important and deserves such swiftness.

When we last contacted the minister about the appointment, he confirmed he was seized with the matter, but was also taking due procedure before appointment or announcing of it there of.

Potraz is among the state owned enterprises that collects huge revenue for the nation, and comes with huge responsibilities which must never be burdened on the substantive director.

The board of directors for the regulatory authority has its own charter, they have their own mandate clearly defined and must be shaping direction while not playing that role has critically affected Potraz’s operation.

POTRAZ is presided over by a seven member non-executive Board of Directors appointed by the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Through the minister. the Board in consultation with the Minister appoints a Director General, who is responsible for the day to day operations of the Authority.

Dr Machengete was enacted substantive Director General 2 years ago and he is still within his office term limits but he can not make or approve decisions on behalf of the board.

The past 5 years, Potraz was heavily involved in quasi business outside their mandate and good oversight and corporate governance needs to be run for good checks and balance.

Part of Potraz Mandate according to their charter lists that :

  • We regulate the communication sector and promote the sustainable development and provision of universal communication services
  • We promote and encourage the innovative development of the postal and telecommunications sector in Zimbabwe
  • We ensure the extension of postal and telecommunication services to under serviced areas and communities of Zimbabwe
  • We allocate radio frequency spectrum in Zimbabwe
  • We create awareness on the role of the postal and courier services sector and their contribution to the social and economic development of Zimbabwe
  • We ensure that the quality of postal and telecommunication services meets international standards
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