Potraz Consults On VAS Framework

Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) has conducted a Consultative Workshop on Value Added Services, to engage all stakeholders in coming up with appropriate interventions that will ensure sustained growth in the ICT sector.

Speaking on behalf of Director General Dr Gift Machengete,today Acting Director General Kennedy Dewera said the consultation on Value Added Services (VAS) is intended to generate discussion and solicit views from stakeholders in the industry.

“The aim is to come up with appropriate interventions that ensure sustained sector growth anchored on innovation, fair competition, affordability and good quality of services,”he said.

He went on to say,Value Added Services will foster innovation in very aspect of human life and urged all stakeholders to embrace VAS or be left behind.

“Value Added Services are all about innovation. Innovation is the buzzword and the worldwide belief that will catapult us to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, were everything will be ICT driven” he added.

Potraz looks forward to drafting a Consultative document with all stakeholders contributions in constructing a well-developed framework will enable benefits to consumers, promote entrepreneurship and at the same time create additional revenue streams for the service providers and effective cooperation and collaboration amongst various participants to form a healthy ecosystem for provision of value added services.

Stakeholders at the VAS Potraz

Stakeholders at the VAS Potraz

A value-added service (VAS) is a popular telecommunications industry term for non-core services, or, in short, all services beyond standard voice calls and fax transmissions.

For mobile phones, technologies like SMS, MMS & data access were historically considered VAS but in recent years these have become core services, & VAS therefore has begun to exclude those services.

Other key stakeholders present at the Workshop include the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe, representatives from the Constituency of Consumers of ICT Services.

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