Samsung S10 officially launched

Exactly 10 years after launching their first Galaxy, today Samsung launched a beast which outwardly looks ugly, but a first with 5G network, which is not yet supported in Zimbabwe, but it means superfast for downloading and gold for live streaming.

The S10 plus is a monster rolling on a 6.4inch screen, more of a phablet and right size for a masculine device, but the real hood packs a crazy 8gig ram with a 1terrabyte hard drive or is it just flash storage.

The devil is in the detail of processor power, but internationally if will only be available from 8 March and costing $1900 USD. It will be way more expensive when it comes to Zimbabwe.


The Galaxy S10 is a fitting 10th anniversary phone for Samsung and its storied S series. It delivers on change with a novel-looking Infinity-O screen so large it displaces the front camera, and a triple-lens rear camera that takes ultra-wide photos. Its in-screen fingerprint sensor tech should serve you well, while its Wireless PowerShare could serve your friends well. That’s a lot of change – just know that it comes at a high price.

Also onboard is next-gen Wi-Fi 6, which will support seamless transition between Wi-Fi routers and is four times faster than 802.11ax. It should deliver a 20% speed boost, but you’ll need a new router to really get any use out of this feature.

What you won’t get on this phone is the S10 Plus and Note 9-exclusive vapor chamber cooling. If you’re a gamer, you may want to upgrade to the larger phone for more than just the bigger screen.

Early verdict

The Galaxy S10 is a deserved 10th anniversary phone for Samsung and its storied S series. Its new display type lays out more pixels across less body, has a triple-lens camera so you can now take ultra-wide photos, and contains a bigger battery surrounded by beefier specs.

You’ll like all of these features, while your friends will like the new Wireless PowerShare perk. The S10 marks an anniversary, but it also marks something a bit different among smartphones. It disrupts the sameness of smartphones just enough to become a tempting upgrade. Advertisement

The price, however, may give you second thoughts. That’s where the Galaxy S10e plays an important role.

Our Galaxy S10 hands-on review isn’t finished yet. This phone requires a lot more testing and day-to-day use to determine if the three-eyed rear camera is the best in the world and the ‘punch-hole’ Infinity-O display is the style of screen we want to stare at in 2019.

All images credit: TechRadar

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