Phishing Fraud Cases Rampant at Steward Bank

Steward Bank is reportedly experiencing a rise in a number of fraudulent phishing cases due to websites that claim to represent the Bank.

The rampant rise in the phising has caused panic and embarrassment among clients who have encountered problems pertaining to swiping. The account of the client then reflects as having insufficient funds when in actual fact, there will be enough funds to carry out the required transactions.

In a post revealed to the public on Twitter, Steward Bank warned the public on the ongoing phishing fraud cases.

Phishing is the the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and card details by individuals masquerading as as reputable entity or person in email, online or other channels. In simpler terms, its hacking.

However, recommendations would be that Steward Bank disclose a list of the websites so that people know what to stay away from.

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