Byo Chiefs Challenges Zim Football Clubs to Embrace Technology

Bulawayo Chiefs Football Club has challenged other local teams in the Premier Soccer league (PSL) to move with time by embracing new technologies that will help them reach out to their supporters who are all around the globe.

Speaking in an interview with TechnoMag, Media Officer for Bulawayo Chiefs Mr Thulani “Javas” Sibanda said that through introducing their new mobile app, they aim to motivate and inspire other local clubs to embrace communication technologies  so  that  the  local  league  can stay relevant to the whole world.

“We wish to be inspirational to the whole league and if what we are doing is right then we would be very happy if everyone can follow up and do it. Together we can be a great premier league and the whole world will soon know us” he said.

He also encouraged other local clubs to utilise social media to improve their marketing and communication.

“Social Media is a great tool that can not only push brands but can also push information to all corners of the world” said Sibanda.

League debutants Bulawayo Chiefs have arguably been the best club in terms of utilising Twitter, and they recently launched their mobile app that can be accessed here.

Although most PSL teams appear to have a presence on Twitter and Facebook much of their usage is basic, thereby missing a prime opportunity to establish a more effective and direct communication with their fans.

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