Bulawayo Chiefs Launch Mobile App

BULAWAYO Chiefs FC have introduced a mobile app as part of their strategy to embrace technology to ensure that people carry their brand in “their pockets”.

Dubbed the “Best Football Club Handle in Zimbabwe”, Bulawayo Chiefs have arguably been the best club in terms of utilising social media.

Thulani “Javas” Sibanda, the club’s communication officer, said what they have achieved on social media is a result of dedication, commitment and staying truthful to what the club believes in.

“The Bulawayo Chiefs App is one of our new ways of ensuring that people all over the world carry brand Bulawayo Chiefs in their pockets. Wherever you go, the phone is in your pocket and we believe our brand is well taken care of,” said Sibanda.

“In as much as we want to reach people in all corners of the world, we were using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but then we realised there may be other fans around the world that are not on these platforms, hence the introduction of the app. Fans will get to see our fixtures, get to view our gallery and get to read our news as it is also a chance to market our sponsors and our supporters,” he said.

He said it’s a chance to ensure they carry the brand of their sponsors internationally as people who visit the app will also get to read about the sponsors.

“It’s another way of ensuring that we give value to the support we’re getting from the corporate world and also entice people to come and support us. We say come and support the Ninjas as we will make sure we carry our sponsors’ brands in our quest to go global. Anyone who will support us we’ll carry their logo in all our social media sites and the app,” Sibanda said.


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