First 1 terabyte SD card hits stores

SIZE MIGHT NOT MATTER BUT CAPACITY DOES; at least when it comes to Lexar revealing the world’s first 1TB SDXC flash memory card available to buy for the great unwashed.

Designed for camera use, the Professional 633x touts read speeds of up to 95MB/s and write speeds of 70MB/s using UHS-1 memory; UHS-2 is faster, but Lexar’s SD card is still pretty nippy.

For keen photographers, video makers and….erm…. fledgeling porn makers, the Professional 633x should have enough speed and capacity to capture 4K video and a load of RAW photos, and then make transferring them to a computer or perhaps the new iPad Pro a speedy process.

You might be about to comment that SanDisk was in fact the first firm to show off a 1TB SDXC card; you’d be right, but that memory card never made it to market, so by that metric Lexar was the first.

In fairness to Lexar its been pretty good at driving SD memory card capacity forward, having been the one of first to the market with a 1GB SD card some 15 years ago.

Now if photography and video capture isn’t your bag and you’ve just shrugged at this news, then it’s worth noting that Lexar’s new SD card is indicative of the leaps and bounds SD storage has come on in the past decade or so.

While you’ll have to pay nearly $500, some £391, for the high-capacity card, that price is still pretty decent for a glut of storage that can be easily popped into a compact DSLR.

And it’s indicative of how memory capacity keeps increasing yet doesn’t hit prices that can utterly bankrupt individuals or small businesses. That is if you ignore the frankly extortionate hikes in prices smartphone makers – looking at you Apple – apply to their handsets when doubling storage capacity.

We hope that as SD cards and other storage tech develops, high-capacity memory will come down in price, which is handy given how much storage space things like high-resolution photos and slick-looking games take. 


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