Cyber Protection Bill Approved

Minister of Information,Publicity and Broadcasting Services Hon Monica Mutsvangwa  said Cabinet has approved the long-awaited Cyber bill .

The revelations came at a cabinet press conference held in the capital today on the sidelines of the 12th Cabinet briefing.

“Cabinet has approved the principles of the Cyber Protection, Data Protection and Electronic Transaction bill 2018, following a presentation by the Minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services,” she said.

Hon Mutsvangwa said the Cyber Protection bill will incarcerate those that commit crimes using computers or computer networks.

“The bill calls for harmonization of computer related crime laws in criminal codification act, to the SADC model law computer crime, cyber crime and international best practices,” she added.

Minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services Hon Kazembe Kazembe has been speaking on the Cyber bill and how if implemented will ensure safety of users on the cyberspace. 

The Cyber bill law for Zimbabwe was conceived in 2010 but is yet to realise fruition with Parliament itching to get their hands on it.

In 2015, it was reported that the drafting of the bill had been completed, but after changes in the cyber environment, some additions were entered into the bill, the bill approval was prolonged more.

Various changes in the cyber environment and also in the legal environment, factors they considered while drafting the bill.

The bill has however, attracted a lot of criticism from the civil society who claim that other sections of the bill infringe citizen power exercised through the internet.

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