Econet Group Holds Its Arise n Shine Clean Up Campaign

Econet Wiress Group held its Arise n Shine Clean Up official closing ceremony today in Harare. The clean-up campaign of the city of Harare kickstarted in October , targeting Budiriro and Glen View , the epicentres of the recent cholera outbreak that caused fatalities and left hundreds of people in need of treatment.

Econet responded in a big way to the epidemic which the government had declared a national emergency

CEO of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Mr Douglas Mboweni spoke on the need of environmental management in town, “We want technology systems that monitor people that litter the environment in and around the cities. You see someone relieving themselves in town which destroys the natural beauty of the environment.” he said.

The monitory systems proposed by Mr Mboweni will aid in detecting the time and place were individuals commit environmental degradation. It seems as if people are no longer aware of how serious of a crime public urinating is as it attracts a penalty of arrest. 

Senior environmental education and publicity officer, Mr Rambwayi Mapako of Environmental Management Agency (EMA) thanked Econet for contributing immensely in abid to uphold environmental management throughout the country. ” We will continue to work hand in hand with the stakeholders that have helped us throughout the journey of fighting against cholera.” he said

Stakeholders that include Liquid Telecom, Econet Wireless and Higher life foundation were applauded for a job well done in contributing immensely with various donations that helped fight against cholera.

Although the event marked the closing ceremony, the residents of Glenview and surrounding areas were urged to carry on upholding hygienic measures that will better the environment as well as their lives. 

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