You Can Now Open An Active Steward Bank Account Using Your Phone

Cassava Smartech in collaboration Steward Bank and Ecocash came up with an apt banking system that is convenient and hustle free to the user. Codenamed *236# banking, customers require only their mobile phones  with Econet lines to create a Steward bank account in less than sixty seconds.

This is a revolutionary move in banking as customers only require a registered Econet line to create a bank account,*236# banking does not require a proof of residence or an National ID Card.

Steward bank  has engaged a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and as such, this is going to address the problem of financial inclusion using the mobile phones.

Some of the benefits with *236# include access to a loan service called Kashagi where you can borrow money instantly. the banking service also allows Zirpit and Real-time gross settlement systems (RTGS).

Customers have the opportunity to get personalised cards that identify with individual interests of mainly totem or landscape pictures on them.

For card collection, one can visit any Econet Shop or Steward Branch.

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