Ministry of ICT Content with budget allocation

The Ministry of Information Communication  Technology and Cyber Security, is content with the 2019 budget allocation of $17.9m by the Minister of Finance appropriated two weeks ago.

In the 2019 ICT Post-Budget Analysis Report presented to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Information Communication Technology, the Ministry said the budget was well received.

“The Ministry pledged a bid of $29.94m and the Treasury appropriated $29.91, this translates to Treasury honoring 99.9% of the submitted bid,”

“However the revised budget allocation from the consolidated Revenue Fund became $17.9m after $4m was allocated to the National Data centre and $8m was granted for the VOIP Project,”

National Data Centre and the VOIP Projects have since been removed from being handled by tht ICT Ministry as they fall under the Office of the President. Although this move has been deemed unnecessary by the ministry as they have argued that it should be the driver of all ICT projects within government.

 According to the report, from the 2018 fiscal year budget, the ICT Ministry has registered displeasure with the seemingly reluctance in disbursements of funds by the Treasury.

In 2018 the Ministry was allocated $10.5m and for 2019 $17.9 has been appropriated thus marking a growth of 65.4%.

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