Ministry Of ICT Launches National Cyber Security Awareness Week

The Ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services and Cyber Security¬† Hon Kazembe Kazembe has launched the National Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSW) today in Harare which is running until the 10 December under the theme “Think B4 Click” .

By Concilia Muyendesi.

The CSW’s objective is to promote cyber security by raising awareness and safety tips which will solemnly protect individuals against cyber threats. Speaking before a panel of journalists,¬† Minister Kazembe Kazembe took his time to unpack on his very own encounter towards cyber threats.¬†

According to recent estimates, cyberspace now encompasses more than 2 billion people with at least 12 billion computers and devices, including global positioning systems, mobile phones, satellites, data routers, desktop computers and industrial control systems that run our power plants, water systems and more,”

More light was shed about the Bill which is still under the process of being vetted. The Minister urged the public to be patient as the process requires more time. The Modern Bill is said to have been mandated by SADC which then gives illustrations to Ministries of different countries to conform the Bill in accordance with the environment of the countries.

“Cyber threats are on the rise globally and are proving increasingly sophisticated, and difficult to mitigate; the imminent threat of cyber crime to National Security means that Zimbabwe must be prepared and, in the position, to prevent and respond to evolving cyber threats.” he said 

Issues pertaining to how fake news should be regulated within the social media raised eyebrows to the Minister who stated that there has not yet been a Bill designed to tackle this problem in Zimbabwe and the SADC Region as well. 

Other issues to be addressed this week include child online protection guidelines for children, Mobile Money Security, Bank Card Security, Password Security and ethical use of social media.

Attending the official launch were the ministry top officials including  The Deputy Minister of ICT Hon. J. Muswere, Permanent Secretary engineer Sam Kundishora  and other Ministry representatives.

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