Potraz Donates ICT Equipment To The Disabled Community

POTRAZ through The Universal Services Fund (USF) has donated 96 computers today,  a multi-purpose printer and projector worth tens of thousands of dollars to institutions for people living with disabilities as well as schools under the E-learning project.

The  USF procured laptop computers for Institutions that received the donations including Emerald Hill School for the deaf who received 16 desktop computers. Capota High School received 20 computers.

St Giles was given a multi-purpose printer, a projector and a desktop computer, whilst  Mckertuan Primary School in Bulawayo received 13 laptop computers, Karoi High got 13 laptops, Dorothy Duncan received 10 laptops and Jairos Jiri with 23 Laptops. 

Speaking at the Handover Ceremony, the Director General for Potraz Dr Gift Machengete said that he understands the plight of people living with disabilities as he was in the same situation himself.

“I was once blind till the age of 7 years  I fully appreciate and understand the plight of the people living with disabilities, and as a regulator we assure you that they are not left behind in bridging the digital divide,” he said.

Dr Machengete added that the Authority hopes that such interventions go a long way in alleviating the challenges  experienced by people with disabilities as well as, the creation an environment conducive for equal access to information.

“Potraz  is mandated to provide services to people with  disabilities, and the USF  is utilised to empower people with special needs to enable them to participate in the digital space as a way to bridge the digital divide between the able bodied and the people living with disabilities,”

Also Institutions like Harare and Bulawayo City Libraries have received 15 computers each as they also deal with people with disabilities.

This year in October, Potraz facilitated and participated in the Regional Trainer workshop in Computer Access for people living with disabilities.


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