ICT Stakeholders Court The New ICT Parliamentary Portfolio

State owned Telecommunications and Postal Operators,  including the regulatory authority, Potraz on Monday courted the newly enacted Parliamentary portfolio on Information Communication Technologies.

As the Parliament was trying to have a first hand understanding of the sector, players took turns to explain the current state of affairs emphasizing how  ICTs have become a key enabler in driving the economy forward.

Addressing the stakeholders during the meeting at parliament, the Potraz Director General Dr Machengete said the parliamentarians must join hands to work with the regulator and also play an active part to ensure that their various areas have optimum coverage, so as to see Zimbabwe contribute towards the national GDP.

“We expect members of the committee to move motions on issues that affect the ICT sector during parliament, and  also raise flags where there are telecommunications problems in their areas, as the regulator we will engage the operators for the best way forward, as we ensure that all communities are being served”

Dr Machengete also said that as Potraz they have refurbished every Post office in Zimbabwe and turned them into Community Information Centres, (CIC) and in areas where they do not have post offices, Potraz has introduced containerized information centers fully equipped with adequate resources for a CIC.

Speaking on the role of icts in achieving vision 2030, Dr Machengete  added that ICTs have been identified as a key enabler for vision 2030 due to their role in national development with Broadband as key enabler of growth.

“ICTs play a pivotal role in the growth of an economy as services are now used in almost all sectors of the economy, ranging from Commerce, Agriculture, Health, Education among others,”

According to the World Bank`s ‘Extending Reach and Increasing Impact’ report (2009) a 10 percent increase in broadband penetration accounted for 1.38 percent increase in per capita GDP growth in developing economies. The study shows a positive correlation between ICT growth and GDP growth.


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