#Breaking: BAZ Blocked Kwese Forcing Closure!

JUST IN: BAZ wins Kwese dispute

After weeks of wondering why on earth would Kwese only shut its doors from the Zimbabwean Market, it has emerged that BAZ has blocked Kwese from getting content from its parent company, hence making it inoperable.

However insiders with Kwese vehemently denied the statement stating that  they do not have a pending case with BAZ nor supreme court of Zimbabwe.

“It is fake  news, we are only reading about it in the media, if we had a case surely we would be the respondents and would have appeared before the courts, our case with Dr Dish was finalized and we have our own licence that we published as a broadcasting requirement. We are re-positioning Kwese in all countries not just Zimbabwe.”

According to the  recent court outcome, Econet Media (Mauritius) cannot distribute Kwese TV satellite content to Zimbabwean viewers because it failed to comply with the terms and conditions under which it was granted licence, the Supreme Court has ruled.

Due to the violation, BAZ has cancelled the Kwese media licence last week on the 25th of October, forcing the Zimbabwean side to ultimately shutdown.

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe’s (BAZ) appealed  against High Court decision allowing Econet Media Limited (Mauritius) to distribute Kwese TV satellite content to Zimbabwean viewers.

The lower court nullified a decision by BAZ cancelling the content distribution licence awarded to Econet Media’s partner, Dr Dish (Pvt) Ltd to provide the service pending confirmation of the provisional order.

Following a court ruling on October 25, but made available yesterday, Kwese parent company—Econet Media — said the satellite television was shutting down, after 18 months in operation.

In statement issued at the weekend, the firm said the development was due a review of its business strategy and services offerings.

But Justice Tendai Uchena, sitting with Justices Ben Hlatshwayo and Bharat Patel, quashed the High Court decision on the basis that Mr Dish had sought an order to protect conduct which was clearly against the provisions of the country’s broadcasting laws.

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