19 year Old Designs Homemade Generator

Gifted 19 year old  Winfrey Mhere from Murehwa has designed a home made generator that uses waste oil, water and battery as essential components to run the generator.

Instead of wallowing about electricity problems and how costly various sources of energy can be, Winfred saw an opportunity where he would put into action his innovation.

“In the rural areas it is difficult to spare money on fuel and diesel, so I figured that used oil is easy to use to generating power,” he said.

Winfred Mhere’s Generator (Photo Credit:The FeedZW)

“I used spark plugs, a condenser and an electric motor, adding “the generator is charged by a 3.7 Volts which generates up to 48 Volts, this can switch on a light and charge a phone at the same time,” he added.

He used $100 to build the generator and believes that with more he can build a generator that can produce more energy.

Winfred appeals to the people of Zimbabwe who can fund his project as he believes he can do so much more with some assistance. 

Winfred only went to school up to grade 7 and he says it is in a dream that he acquired this knowledge of designing a fully functional generator.

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