NetOne Adds 72 3G Mobile Base Stations

NetOne Adds 72 3G Mobile Base Stations NetOne, the second largest mobile network operator, has added 72 3G mobile base stations to further improve connectivity across the country according to the POTRAZ Abridged Second Quarter Report 2018.

As noted by the Quarterly Report the population coverage in the telecoms sector has segregated the rural areas and they continue to lag behind urban areas in terms of deployment of telecommunication services infrastructure.

As at June 2018 the total number of base stations in the country was 8,570 marking a total growth of 1.1% from the 8,473 recorded in March 2018 thus a deployment of an additional 97 base stations. Of the  97 NetOne retains 77 base stations from March 2018 to date.

NetOne holds the market share of mobile base stations with 1.8%, the increase is a bid to cover the disparity between rural areas and urban areas.

South Africa’s MTN and Telkom have made advances to the State-owned mobile and fixed telecommunications companies NetOne and TelOne, respectively, Government sources confirmed last week.




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