YahClick Satellite Broadband Comes To Zimbabwe

High tech global giant and leading partner for reliable, innovative and affordable satellite connectivity solutions, Yahsat is in Zimbabwe to officially launch satellite broadband services

Yahsat will today launch YahClick in Harare, YahClick is a high performance satellite broadband services by Al Yah Satellite Communication Company (Yahsat)

YahClick is a broadband service which provides affordable, reliable and high-speed Internet connectivity to individuals and organization for economic and social progress.

Yahclick broadband service can also be used to support government-led initiatives, especially in education and health sector.

Yahsat will provide the YahClick service by using the Ka-band frequencies on its satellites to provide the Zimbabwe population with high speed Internet connectivity, even in remote areas of the country where the networks of local telecom operators are unavailable.

The parent company Yahsat pride themselves for providing game changing technology that provides broadband services to consumer and enterprise markets in the Middle East, Africa, Brazil, Central and South West Asia

Yahsat is a private joint stock company fully owned by Mubadala, the investment arm of the government of Abu Dhabi.


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