Harare City Council Online Payment System Reportedly Compromised

The Harare City Council’s (HCC) online banking payment methods are susceptible to scam according to an Audit Committee report led by Principal Auditor Archbald Nyamurova.

Minutes from the Audit committee raise numerous discrepancies in the use of Point of sale (POS terminals) online mobile banking and RTGS payment systems leaving the City Fathers at a risk of being defrauded.

“The POS devices are a particular area of vulnerability to the HCC because it does not appear as if the Finance department was in full control of their deployment across council premises.”

“Findings into the audit were that there was a mismatch between HCC registers of POS devices, their physical count and the bank’s register of POS devices deployed. The City’s POS devices were not integrated with the BIQ billing system,” read part of the minutes.


Acting Audit Manager Archbald Nyamurova’s Audit team further unearthed over 300 un authorised users of the BIQ receipting module.

Subsequently a lot of unreconciled items between the City bank’s accounts and corresponding cash books in the BIQ system raise fears of possible misuse of Harare rate payers’ hard-earned money.

Commenting on the vulnerable of the HCC’s Online Payment system on social media, a Harare resident Tendai John could hide his disappointment saying “the City Fathers must quickly resolve this matter. This cannot be happening at any worse time than this. I pay my dues to City Council but I am struggling. I cannot imagine the possibility of my hard-earned money being side pocketed by those guys at Rowan Martin.”


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