58 Million Twitter Accounts Blocked

The California-based social media giant has shutdown as many as 58 million twitter accounts  in the last quarter of 2017, according to data obtained by the  Associated Press.


The rather aggressive witch hunt was carried out on the basis of criticism levelled against the Company for failing to decisively deal with suspicions of spreading malicious misinformation in the wake of staid allegations of Russian interference during the 2016 American presidential campaign.


Globally Twitter user growth has been under siege when compared to other online social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.  Global Stats, an Online Statistics Counter further reinforce this narrative by claiming that excluding WhatsApp in Zimbabwe, Twitter’s social media market share is estimated at 15.4 percent behind Facebook’s 56 percent.








CEO Jack Dorsey recently said “Twitter is taking other steps besides account deletions to combat misuse of its service, working to rein in hate and abuse even as it tries to stay true to its roots as a bastion of free expression. It vowed to crack down on hate speech and sexual harassment and the concerns of critics who said the company hasn’t done enough to curb such abuse.

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