Pres Mnangagwa Officially Opens The $15million, Potraz Building.

President of Zimbabwe Officially opens The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz), $15million  building in Mt Pleasant business Park


Prior to the move Potraz was using $432 000 in annual rentals emanating from rentals of  Emerald Park ofices


Speaking at the official opening of the Potraz Headquarters His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa said ‘this infrastructure is the best physical and organizational structure needed for operation in any society and and enterprise and necessary for an economy to function, It facilitates the production of goods and services as well as distribution of finished products.

‘The construction of this multi million dollar building is a symbol of commitment and confidence by the government to Potraz. The increased growth of ICT industry fueled by the rapid changing technologies entails great responsibilities for Potraz as communication technologies and platforms have become an integral part of our modern society, the ICT sector has emerged as an important catalyst and a pillar for social economic development and growth of any modern country


President Mnangagwa also urged all sectors to leverage on ICTs to stimulate innovation and enhance business and product competitiveness


After five years of construction the Regulator has now moved to their new Headquarters POTRAZ’s Director General Dr Gift Kalisto Machengete late 2017 had promised that completion of the building was top of his priority, and true to his promise the job has been completed.

Minister of ICT Cyber and security noted that the costruction of the Potraz headquarters costed approximately 22million dollars


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