#MondayBlues: Nyambirai Sinks $3M Into Mahewu.

Tawanda Nyambirai may have learnt or is it has  completely NOT learnt a lesson on diversification skills, after he dismally failed with his multi TN Holdings business which, just like a deck of cards, it all crumbled.
The Jack of all trades and master of none, who initially rose to fame through pioneering Steward Bank, which was then TN Bank before selling it to Econet,  will this time around try his luck not in technology, food or furniture, but drinks, yes drinks and  its actually Maheu and Mr Juicy.

TN Holdings has invested about $3 million in building a new factory for Mahewu and Mr Juicy as the diversified group seeks to grow its market in the beverages sector.

Nyambirai said the new factory will have the capacity to produce over three million litres of Mahewu per month.

Frankly, the Mahewu craze has already hit Harare, and this has undoubtedly become a Fast Commodity, penetrating most shop and streets in Zimbabwe, However the question is are we not already saturated in this market.

Nyambirayi is however not a newbie in this business, Mr Juicy has been a favorite of many in Zimbabwe already,  though its slowly disappearing from ourshelves, or has it completely dried, has been in the business and now warming towards expanding the enterprise, and time will tell how well it go, though he has been off at a good start so  far.


Speaking to Newsday, Nyambira said that

“It’s a family investment and I am quite sure that the Mahewu section of the new factory will be completed by end of August. The Mr Juicy section will open three months later,” he said.


“This is a huge investment. We hope to finish the year as the leader in the Mahewu sub-sector. We shall be moving from Southerton (Harare) to our new factory at Lot 30 of Marvel Estate, Domboshava road,” Nyambirai said.

The lawyer-cum businessman ventured into the corporate world in 2001 when he founded TN Financial Holdings Limited, a financial services group that included TN Asset Management, TN Financial Services, TN Medical Benefit Funds and TN Bank.

In 2009, Nyambirai led the reverse takeover by TN Financial Holdings Limited of Tedco Limited, a company listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange since 1973 and which was the leading furniture manufacturer and retailer in Zimbabwe. Consequently, Tedco Limited changed its name to TN Holdings Limited.

Nyambirai exited TN Bank in 2012 following its takeover by Econet Wireless. The bank was rebranded to Steward Bank.

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