Her Zimbabwe Shuts Down!

The path finders for Zimbabwe internet entrepreneurship, affectionately  known as the early internet adopters, Her Zimbabwe, this week have sent a worrisome distress message, signalling their shutdown from the internet and closure as a company.

They paved way for most  websites in Zimbabwe including companies, like us TechnoMag, and  many other bloggers who have stood the test of time,  whom initially were very skeptical about launching an  online presence, but back then, Her Zimbabwe was one of the biggest names in the space.

They dealt with serious woman affiliated issues and created rich conversations around them , with good efforts to take the conversations offline as well. 

In 2014, Her Zimbabwe launched its first non-digital activities with a public discussion event, termed a ‘critical conversation’ during one of Harare’s biggest annual events, Shoko Festival in September. The exchange interrogated the effectiveness of women’s use of the internet in activism, under the theme ‘Women, New Media and Activism in Zimbabwe: Where We Are. Where We Are Going’. 

Leading the onversation were four women who work with different forms of new media and technology in their professional lives; Delta Milayo Ndou, Social Media Editor for the Zimpapers Group, Aretha Mare, a founding member of Techwomen Zimbabwe and chemical technologist who works with girls and young women in the science-tech space and Kudzai Mubaiwawho has worked as Hub Manager with Muzinda Umuzi Hub, an innovation and entrepreneurship hub which seeks to build the digital skills and enterprise of young people with an interest in technology.

here is their full press statement:

It is with great sadness that we announce the official closure of Her Zimbabwe. Over the last few months the organization has been in the process of winding down its activities and finalizing legal closure. We have felt the need to close down the organization for a range of reasons – differences in opinions around the vision and growth strategy of the organization and burn out key among them

As a young organization we learnt a lot from you our followers and supporters as well as from working with various project partners.the experience and lessons learnt have been invaluable in teaching us about ourselves as well as his to grow and manage projects and navigate the development sector

There have been joyful times and there have been also difficult times. And we are indebted to you all for your show of faith in us. Over the last six years of this journey we hope we made you proud of what Zimbabwe women can achieve in harnessing the potential of digital media to tell our own stories. We hope that you continue to tell our important stories and put the voices of our women out into the world. Our stories our nuance our voices are still so necessary.

In due course we will be working to achieve the website so that it remains as a repository of knowledge and information for you to continue to have access to. This means that while we no longer be updating the website or social media accounts with new content you will continue to have access to all content produced since 2012. Please note that if you currently visit the Her Zimbabwe website you will not be able to access the website as we are in the process of resolving its long term hosting pl

Again thank you for all your support over the years. It is sad to say good bye

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