#MondayBlues ZIMRA Employed Known Convicted IT Gurus

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) have been left with eggs on their face, in a case where they may have actually hacked themselves of $2,3 million , after employing a known fraudster, who then recently hacked their banking system. 

#MondayBlues last week was not amused by the fact that they are taking their known convict to court. When you hire someone with a known record, its a sign that you appreciate their trade and  you should expect them to do the job better but Mr Moreka hit them $2.3 million

What then surprised us is not the  fact they were hacked, but the reality that it took him longer than expected, considering that he had a known court case for fraud.

The competence of ZIMRA board and management is once again put to question on how they recruit their employers without simple background checks, or maybe they really knew and was to do the job  from the inside.

Stephen Moreka, popularly known as ‘password’, is one guy who is surely talented and like any other grey-hat hacker, he will surely turn into a black hat hacker as the opportunity presents itself.

How then the ZIMRA board decided not to know or look otherwise is the main issue that interested this writer as we question how Mrs Bonyongwe is running the institution.

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