#Mondayblues: Hacking Fears At FBC…As Client Loses $2.4K Mysteriously


FBC Bank is allegedly under bank cloning fraud or account hacking  as account holder (Name Withheld) mysteriously lost  $2, 400 from his account after some non existent  character withdrew money from his account early this year. 

The bank is at pains trying to deal with the security vulnerability, a major scourge internationally,  although it is yet to name or confirm the actual cause of funds disappearance, it has not denied the occurrence of it thereof.  

According to the client, he approached the bank on January 31, 2018 following indications that somebody had withdrawn money from an FBC bank agent on January 30. Surprisingly, the bank is yet to bring the culprit to book.

“I have been following-up with the FBC Bank security tram and their approach to the matter has not been convincing. All they tell me is security is an art and we will notify you once we are done. However, they indicate to me that investigations have been concluded so why am I still to get my money.

“It has been four months now since I lost $2 456 -00, I made the report to the bank. They indicated that they were done with investigations but still nothing has come forward.  I am not happy with the way they are handling my situation, imagine I also have responsibilities to take care of and yet they cannot prove what happened to my money,” said the client.

Digital banking experts however believe such occurrences could be as a result of card cloning, a situation whereby one duplicates or has a copy of a client’s Auto Teller Machine (ATM) card and uses it as at when and how he pleases without being noticed.

In a telephone conversation with FBC Head of Marketing and Corporate communications, Priscilla Sadomba said the issue was still under investigation and promised to have responded to our inquiry a week ago.

“I have forwarded your request to the security team to look into it. I will however respond to you latest tomorrow (May, 15 2018),.

“However, you might need to check with the client in question to make sure whether he is making genuine claims or just making up the the whole issue. We dealt with one recently who had the same issue but he later realized that he is the one who had made the actual transaction, ” said Sadomba.

FBC Head of Security, Mr Moyo, however denied the possibilities of card cloning and highlighted that it could just be another issue of a wrong transaction and later referred this reporter to the Public Relations department.

“We can’t say it is Card cloning per se, it just be another transaction gone bad. It is however unfortunate you could not share the name and details of the client. It is also against banking policy to divulge an account holder’s information to anyone who asks for it.

“You could however, contact the PR department they can assist you,” said Mr Moyo.

Meanwhile, government is stepping up efforts to curb cybercrime and so as to make sure that Zimbabwe is secure, particularly the national information and communication infrastructure which has to be secure.

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