#ZimStartUps: EMF Mobile App To Be Released By The End of May

Evaluate My Life (EMF) will release their mobile application designed to help unemployed fight for their dreams by evaluate their goals, projects and personal life to see where they fit perfectly in life by the end of May. 

In an interview with TechnoMag, EMF CEO, Rose Rufaro Makoni said that they have a working prototype already but are still improving on the functionality of the mobile App.

By Pearson Mbendera

We plan to have it on play store by end of May. We have a prototype already and we are still working on improving its functionality. The App received positive feedback from students from UZ, who tested it and it inspired and help them in shaping their futures and planning,” said Makoni.

EMF was founded by Rose Rufaro Makoni, a 26 year old, self-described nerd who studied International Business and Marketing at Edith Cowan University. Evaluate My Life (EMF) which she launched in 2017 was developed into a product by Jerry Dengu, the software developer who developed the App.

But she is not just selling the product, she believes in it, having been gone through the difficulties of getting a job and being rejected in some interviews because of lack of experience.

What we are trying to do is to motivate people to live their dreams and attain their goals. We have noticed that unemployment is high in Zimbabwe and the whole world and a lot of youths are getting rejected because they do not have what businesses considers to be good work experiences as some have informal experience,” she said.

The app will be for free and the company will make money from advertising and trainings. The trainings will also be open to HR personnel to be better make them see the right people to recruit as there are a lot of people incorrectly employed who are unproductive.

Companies do not realise that they have a lot of less passionate people in their organisation, something that EMF is trying to rectify,” added Makoni.

The app won’t be just limited to the people looking for jobs but also some looking at starting companies and small businesses and start-ups as they can download the app and do some evaluations to ensure that they get the best foot forward, in a field they are passionate about.

Rose intends to engage the government and corporates to better market the application and to raise awareness on the many benefits that the application and EMF provides in ensuring that passion over experience triumphs and that the right people get the right positions for the goodness of corporate Zimbabwe and the economy as a whole.

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