MISA Zimbabwe Publishes Digital Rights Report 2017

MEDIA watchdog organisation the Media Institute of Southern Africa  (MISA Zimbabwe) has released its digital rights report.

The report tackles the various grey areas ignored by the Zimbabwean government. In the report, MISA urges Government to expedite the making of the Cyber Crime bill.

“A safe, accessible Internet is the cornerstone of free expression, association of similarly minded individuals, and access to information.

“This safety and accessibility should be protected at all costs and the violation of human rights online should be documented.

“This edition of MISA Zimbabwe’s 2017 Digital Rights Report takes a look at the events which had an impact on digital rights within Zimbabwean cyberspace.

“ It is an important edition of the Digital Rights report series because of the dynamic political and socio-economic changes which were experienced in Zimbabwe during 2017,” says MISA.

Download the report here...

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