Zimra Hacked Of $2 million

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A Zimbabwe Revenue Authority employee allegedly syphoned $2 million from them after he hacked the institution’s PayNet server while on sick leave.

According to Daily News, Stephen Moreka, 38, appeared before Harare magistrate Victoria Mashambe charged with contravening section 163 of the Criminal Law Act or alternatively unauthorised access to a computer or a network.

It is revealed that Moreka, who is employed by Zimra as an infrastructure administrator, secretly accessed the Zimra paynet server on May 4, 2018 when he was away from work on sick leave.

After that, he uploaded three files into the paynet system with a total value of $2 385 073 without authority and he cleared all server logs to cover any trace.

The court heard that Moreka the deleted files but they were recovered by one Gerlie Mugundani who also works for Zimra as an accountant assistant.

It is further alleged that Mugundani reported the issue to his bosses.

The unauthorised payments had been directed to various bank accounts that include Kubasa Greater, Dell Computers, Limpstone Investments, Fourways Stationery, Stonechart Investments and Greytech Services among others.

Source: Daily News

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