Ecocash Registration A Step Towards Interoperability-Jabangwe

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Ecocash General Manager Natalie Jabangwe-Morris says the issue of subscribers on other networks being able to register on their platform is another step towards interoperability.

She said the Ecocash app allows other network subscribers to register for their popular mobile money platform.

“It’s really simple, an App is agnostic and anyone on any network can use it. Basic step to interoperability.

She rubbished claims that Ecocash registration using other networks is a hoax.

“Its not a hoax,” added Jabangwe-Morris.

Ecocash since last week has been advertising that its competitors can register for Ecocash.

The Ministry of ICT issued an ultimatum to Mobile Money Services Providers to make their platforms interoperable, allowing users to send and receive money across platforms easily. But the process is likely to take longer than expected and shouldn’t be rushed as there are a lot of procedures to be followed.

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