#ZimStartups In San Jose For Facebook F8 Conference


TWO Zimbabwean techpreneurs travelled to the USA for Facebook’s F8 conference.

Facebook F8 is a mostly-annual conference held by Facebook, intended for developers and entrepreneurs who build products and services around the website.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Harare’s Facebook  Developer Community  leads of  Tadzoka Pswarayi and Kuziva Muvezwa had a front row experience watching the social network co-founder Mark Zuckerberg deliver his speech at the event.

Tadzoka Pswarayi at Facebook F8

Pswarayi said they are working with Facebook to grow the tech ecosystem.

“We’re working with Facebook to support developers and the growth of the tech ecosystem in Zimbabwe,” she said.

The team left Zimbabwe for the conference on April 29 where they did sessions at Menlo Park.

“We left 29 and first did sessions at Facebook for the leads at Menlo Park on April 30 then F8 was May 1 and 2,” Pswarayi said.

Kuziva Muvezwa in (Blue Hoodie) at Facebook F8

Pswarayi on her Facebook timeline said she learnt of the latest trends on Artificial intelligence and Virtual reality.

“From learning about the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality and learning how Facebook is pioneering these efforts with advanced research and global data centers–watching how slight gestures such as lip movements and hand motions are rapidly being simulated. The line between reality and virtual worlds is blurring.

“Highlight of my day, mentorship lunch with tech teens who are geniuses that will take over our world. We have these bright sparks at home too and need to support them to grow and teach our local students how to become fluent in tech jobs,” she said.


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