CBZ SmartCash Now On ZIPIT

CBZ has announced that SmartCash Accounts are now able to send and receive money via ZIPIT.

The CBZ SmartCash Account is an instant account that can be opened by simply walking into any CBZ bank branches with $5 and the account is linked to the mobile number, with the mobile number acting as the account number.

By Pearson Mbendera

“Smartcash lite accounts can also receive funds via ZIPT and make transfers to any other bank using both RTGS and ZIPT options. Use the options and share your experience or challenges,” said CBZ.

The bank also increased the account’s maximum daily transactional limit from $300 to $1000.

With over 60 branches with a national ID, anyone can open a SmartCash account by depositing at least US$$5 and within 5 minutes, their account, linked to their mobile number will be active and they get to walk away with a CBZ SmartCash debit card.

The bank also urged its account holders to be vigilant in keeping their ATM cards safe so as not to succumb to theft through card-cloning.

“Remember to collect your ATM card when you finish transacting at the ATM or any point of sale. Before leaving a supermarket or Service station please check whether the card is indeed yours before leaving,” added CBZ.

Card cloning cases have been on the high in Zimbabwe with the ZRP recording 51 card cloning cases in March among 71 cybercrimes handled by the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s Criminal Investigations Department Commercial Crimes Division.

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