GTel Unleashes Three New Smartphones At ZITF

GTel last week launched three new smartphones at the just ended Zimbabwe International Trade Fair in Bulawayo.

The phones namely the X7 plus, Infinity 7 Plus, and Infinity 7 Pro come with the latest android software.

By Kudakwashe Pembere recently in Bulawayo

“These three smartphones were launched with all new Android software which is Android Oreo 8.1 for the X7 Plus. For the Infinity 7 Pro and Infinity 7 Plus come with Android One software,” said the company’s brand manager Alvin Pande.

They have an infinity display. “These devices come with an infinity display and what we mean by that is the whole front of the phone is an infinity display without a bezel to actually see. It’s little or no bezel on all three devices with a notch camera a little nob at the top is a camera,” Pande said.


With all the buzz about cameras and picture quality, the phones have dual cameras. “These phones come with a 16 megapixel camera. The rear camera for the X7 plus is a 16MP camera as well. The X7 plus is a dual camera at the back with is 16 plus 16 giving you a unified combination of a camera with a hold and take perfection module. The Infinity 7 Plus comes with a three camera module just like the X7 plus with a 16 plus 2 megapixel rear camera,” he said.

An Octacore processor was put into the phones. “They also come with Octacore processor processing 2, 7 GHz per each devices, all three devices. These devices also come further with finger print scanner,” Pande said. “These devices come with a 4Gig RAM and the Infinity Pro Comes with a 3Gig ram with 32GB internal storage. The Infinity 7Plus comes with a 64GB internal storage and the X7 +.”

Pande said the prices are not yet there.

“The prices we haven’t come up with the prices right now but they will range from $499 to $60,” he said.

The phones have batteries that last for two days if not being used often and a 15 hours when the user is very busy with it.

The GTel stand was on fire during the public days as people were given freebies including GTel tablets.



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  1. This company might just be giving a little bit of technological perfection in this part of the world. Keep up the great work guys!

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