#ZimStartUps: ICU Application To Nip Corruption In Bud

CORRUPTION is a very topical issue in Zimbabwe and government is battling to contain it as it has now become more of a culture than an act.

According to the Corruption Perception Index conducted by Transparency International, Zimbabwe is ranked number 21 out 180 and this doesn’t sound good for a country preaching the “Zimbabwe is open for business” Mantra. To nip corruption in the bud, Zimbabwe, Africa Innovation Trust (AIT), a Non-Profit organization, created a Mobile Application, ICU (I See You), a whistle-blowing app focused on an evidence-based approach towards reporting corruption.

Speaking to TechnoMag, AIT Projects Officer, Taurai Mafundikwa said they designed the app, cognizant of the fact that not all members of the public have smartphones, thus, the app is supported by mobile numbers where individuals can call in, SMS or send WhatsApp messages to make tip-offs or request information.

“ICU (I See You) is an easy to use application that responds to calls by both relevant authorities and whistleblowers in the sense that the former requires sufficient evidence for them to prosecute whilst the latter requires a platform for them to submit their reports on corruption that they witness without revealing their identity,” said Mafundikwa.

Zimbabwe has been gripped with a lot of corruption cases, with billions of dollars getting lost. AIT noticed that there were a lot of cases of corruption that were reported in the press with one recurring issue being the lack of credible evidence and they decided to act by creating the app.

The whistleblowing app allows users to submit reports on incidents of corruption in picture, audio, video and text formats. Administrators at AIT review reported incidents for verification and validation. A user may choose to report anonymously making the application safe and secure.

The application also provides a ‘Reports’ portal where whistleblowers can track the incidents that they upload to follow progress on each reported case. This portal is also useful to all users who might not have any incident of corruption to report but want information on reported cases and other trending cases of corruption in the nation. There is no limitation as to the magnitude of the corruption that ICU addresses and hence users should anticipate information on a wide range of issues.

ICU (I See You) is available for free download on Google Play Store and the App Store. To download the app, search ICU AFRICA on either Google or App store and complete the signup process.

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