#ZimStartUps: Boost Fellowship Maps Out Enactus Zimbabwe Road to Silicon Valley Campaign

The Boost Fellowship, a Not for Profit youth empowerment organization through its flagship program called Enactus has mapped out the campaign ‘ Enactus Zimbabwe Road to Silicon Valley’ for the students who will qualify to represent Zimbabwe at the Enactus World Cup 2018.

In a statement, Boost Fellowship said that they will be looking for students from 12 universities throughout the country, especially young people that come from backgrounds where they are not privileged, nor affluent but they have a mind for business and a heart for the world to compete at the Enactus World Cup 2018.

By Pearson Mbendera

“In 2018 we are particularly excited that the Enactus World Cup will be held in Silicon Valley San Jose, California, October 9 – 11 2018. We know that there are partners out there who have a mind for business and a heart for the world and would like to join us in supporting this program,” said Boost Fellowship.

Held annually, the Enactus World Cup is the world’s largest entrepreneurial showcase competition for social impact. Enactus Zimbabwe is is part of a global network of 36 countries. Enactus is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, USA.

The orgnanisation said that the students won’t be paid anything and it is calling on businesses and individuals to partner with them for sponsorship. The partnerships can help students with youth servant leadership, value development, social innovation, sustainability, community development, and investment opportunities.

“The students are not paid by the community, nor the Enactus office. They have to use entrepreneurial
action. The Enactus Zimbabwe Program which manages this whole process also relies on contributions
from individuals, corporates and grant makers who would like to invest in youth and also community

Boost fellowship, among many things is also seeking people or organisations to help with hosting ‘Road to Silicon Valley Events.’ These are monthly events leading up to the World Cup where tech and other organizations can host talks regarding youth entrepreneurship, social enterprises, technology integration and other interesting topics that young people can engage in.

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