ZPC Kariba Installs CCTV

THE Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) has installed a video camera surveillance system at Kariba South Hydroelectric Power Station to monitor electricity generating units, health and safety and logistics as well as security in the plant.
The power station’s general manager, Kenneth Maswera, told The Financial Gazette that the installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) would allow management round-the-clock access to the plant.

“We have deployed a 24-hour video recording or CCTV cameras in the plant and I can now see what’s happening in the plant from my office. This was part of the expansion project which we have just completed,” Maswera said.

A Chinese contractor, Sino Hydro Corporation, completed work on the expansion of the power plant last month.
The expansion project started in 2014.
Two new generators with a combined 300 megawatts (MW) output were added under the project.
Kariba South is Zimbabwe’s main source of electricity and its expansion has seen the plant’s installed generation capacity increasing to 1 050MW.
Zimbabwe produces about 1 000MW daily against a national demand at peak periods of about 1 600MW.
It currently imports from regional suppliers to cover the shortfall.

This story was first published in The Financial Gazette 

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