#MondayBlues: NetOne Hunting For CIO & CTO Executives


NetOne is currently hunting for a new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), a post that is being held by Mr Darlington Gutu and Chief Information Officer (CIO), a post also currently held by Mr Rafael Mushanawani, #MondayBlues can exclusively reveal.

Investigations by TechnoMag show the company internally advertised the two posts before publicly advertising a network consultant post yesterday while seeking urgent response by month end. Responding to the latest developments, the newly appointed NetOne CEO Mr Lazarus Muchenje confirmed that they have internally advertised the two posts, but this did not mean the incumbent had lost their positions.

“The current contracts of these two have expired, and this is our new process we take every time when an executive contract expires, renewal of contracts shall not be automatic but we have to undergo the process so that we qualify the incumbent or better off search for any more competent player internally first, then externally,” he said. 

Mr Muchenje said the incumbent can also apply for the post as well and the idea is to open the post for everyone else, as they seek to have the best executives in the company with this move only applied to senior employees at an executive level.

The CEO said that the process also seeks to make sure that NetOne becomes the best, and has world-class executives towards their quest to drive NetOne.

“We have opened the call internally first and then we shall do so externally later as we evaluate the candidates towards world-class executive recruitment. If a current executive is really that good regardless where competition is coming, he/she must prove they are the best for the job and must demonstrate so,” added Muchenje.

NetOne said the incumbents had nothing to fear and the exercise was not selectively targeting any individual but shall be extended to all executives, and they must prove they are worth their salt lest they block potentially able executives outside.

“Our biggest issue is to make NetOne a world-class company there is no automatic renewal of the contract. We want to look if there are no other better options but one has to prove is the best especially if one has been doing the job, its an added advantage for them already,” said the company.

It is however not clear if these two will survive the exercise amidst rumours of strong concerns that NetOne needed a robust network, coupled with intermittent connectivity.

NetOne has however managed to stand their ground as an alternative, competing in the networking space against well capitalised mobile networks like  Econet, forcing it to forge on with a growing capacity base, without a strong capital investment over the past years.


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