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#MondayBlues: Chinamasa Speaks On Combining Gvt Ministries

Following the recent pronouncements by Finance Minister, Hon Patrick Chinamasa on combining State Owned Enterprises across all government ministries, many questions have  been raised on the operationalization of the process, with fears of seeing some ministries scrapped, or altogether collapsed into one.

Speaking to TechnoMag today, the Finance Minister who is currently not in the country, shed more light on the development and how the government will achieve its purpose through combining some enterprises  which naturally are not headed by the same ministry.

Asked particularly how one ministry will oversee operations from Broadcasting Authority Of Zimbabwe, (BAZ) which runs under the ministry of media information and broadcasting services and those of POTRAZ which runs under the Ministry of ICT & Cyber Security, he said there was no need to combine the ministries. 

” We are not going to be combining or collapsing any government ministry, however the new regulatory boards to be enacted will be reporting to only one of the ministry, once the process is completed,” he said. 

Chinamasa said that there shall be a legislative process to be run and consultations will be done to ensure the due processes are followed up on.

The minister could not divulge when the suggested ideas will be implemented, stating that it will take time due to the legal and legislative processes that lie ahead.

Technically, the government is likely to keep the separate regulators, but may combine the boards into one if there is going to be any progress.

Changing the the regulatory structures already present will not yield any corporate scores but rather will cause chaos and confusion, wasting much more time into incorporating and familiarization process with new members.

However, if the already existing regulators are allowed to operate as they are and  independently from each other, then report to a combined board, this will add more value and help the government achieve its purpose less disruptively.

Zimbabweans on ground are yearning for change and efficiency. Destroying the current regulators with new structures will only result in wanted time and less results, ahead of the national election which may dearly cost the ruling ZANU PF.


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