Steward Bank To Launch Square 2.0 Mobile App

Following many technological advancements like the introduction of Mobile Point of Sale machines, Kwenga and Batsi the Bot, Steward Bank is set to launch the Square 2.0 mobile app tomorrow,  April, 12 2018.

The Square 2.0 mobile app is an improvement on the Square app and it will come with fingerprint login, a Quick Access Menu that shows the last five transactions, assistance from Batsi among many features.

By Pearson Mbendera

The Square 2.0 mobile app is an integrated solution that gives Steward Bank customers the power to transact whenever and wherever they are. Square 2.0 enables paperless and branchless banking,”

SQUARE is a new set of banking solutions from Steward Bank that enable both customers and non-customers to access financial services anywhere, anytime. It offers a four-pronged package including a Mobile App, a USSD based banking platform, Telephone Banking and Online Banking.

Steward Bank CTO, Mr Arthur Matsaudza said the design of the app was built with the customers in mind.

The Mobile application has amazing features among them the most and amazing feature on the app is the GeoFencing feature.

The 2.0 also takes screenshots on every transaction you make, it also has a Lets Chat option with a Virtual Assistant tool called Batsi. The AI on Batsi is quite impressive, Batsi can chat, answer to any Steward Bank related questions presented to her, yes! Batsi is female. If you go on Steward Bank’s Facebook and like the page, anyone can have the chance to chat Batsi. Any question is presented to her which she doesn’t know about she will then forward your query to a personnel on standby but her intelligence allows to learn more about anyone. The next time you will ask Batsi the same question that she didn’t manage to answer previously, she will then answer you the question straight away, that’s amazing.

Steward Bank said it’s working on integrating banking on Whatsapp and Facebook since their research was that almost everyone has a smartphone and most people access their phone 2 times within every 10 mins.

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