#ZimStartUps: Farma Solutions Creates A Farmers Resource Management System

Farma Solutions, a local start-up has designed a Farmers Resource Management System (FRMS) to help address the inefficiencies associated with the distribution of agricultural resources under any contract farming program.

Farma Solutions Co-founder, Mr Wilson Charangwa, who has years of experience in the industry having worked at Colcom and Greenfield said they have developed a system to better manage resource allocation in the agricultural sector.

By Pearson Mbendera

“We developed a farmer’s resources management system that allows an organization dealing with contract farming, be it an NGO, a private company or the government, to register farmers, manage their inputs distribution and management, and manages the output post harvest,” said Mr Charangwa.

The system provides a real time reporting and monitoring of agriculture operations for governments, NGOs and contract farming organisations.

“This is all done in real time. So field officers on the ground, doing farmer registration, distributing inputs can be monitored back at the office by administrators in real time,” added Mr Charangwa.

The app is not for the farmers but for use for officers dealing with farmers in resources management, thus, it doesn’t get affected by the lack of technology proficiency amongst some farmers especially in the remote areas.

Mr Charangwa said that Farma had approached the government and various NGOs to try and get contracts for their system.

“Currently we have approached the government and we are still discussing with them and we also have a couple of NGOs that we have approached,” he said.

The FMRS has the added advantage that it works on all agricultural products as long as they fall under some program that involves input distribution management with some set targets. Mr Charangwa also said that the system was designed to help curtail corruption and inefficiencies in the allocation of resources.

“The intention is to bring in efficiency in resource allocation and also accountability,”he said.

With a lot of inefficiencies and problems with resource allocation particularly with the Command program in Zimbabwe, this system can address some of the issues raised by the farmers that range from late distribution of inputs and the distribution of resources to people who do not need them, so that a lot of benefits can be derived from the program for the farmers, the government and the people of Zimbabwe at large.

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