President Mnangagwa Donates 200 Computers To Madzibaba Wimbo.

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa donated over 200 laptops to Centre for Zimbabwe Africa school run by Johane Masowe echishanu, Vadzidzi VaJeso founder Aaron Mhukuta Gomo, commonly known as Madzibaba Wimbo. The computers were handed over to the school by ICT and Cyber Security Minister Supa Mandiwanzira.

By Pearson Mbendera & Toneo Rutsito.

Madzibaba Wimbo is famed for his 1957 prophecy where he predicted that a man with the name of an angel Gabriel would be independent Zimbabwe’s first leader, which came to pass in 1980.

Last year, Mnangagwa visited the same Wimbo at his shrine and got involved in a bizarre church rite, with the popular prophet telling the gathering that the then VP needed help if he were to ascend to the presidency.

supa donates laptops to Centre Zimbabwe Africa High School in Madziva

The army intervention was interpreted by many as the help that Wimbo had prophesied.

Aaron Mhukuta Gomo (94), is greatly  revered in the apostolic sect, In the lineage of this sect, Mudzidzi Wimbo is the third leader having been appointed by the Spirit. Yet he was not even related to his predecessor.

The founder, Shonhiwa Masedze Sixpence, had 300 wives, yet amongst all his children he never appointed any of them but Wimbo.

Natasha, a form three student from the school had earlier on  told the President that the school needed at least 200 computers.


Given the economy of Zimbabwe, not all schools can afford to buy computers, calling on the help of the government, the business community and NGOs to help fund the acquisition of computers.

Basic computer skills are a necessity in the 21st century and the lack of computers has been hindering the prospects of students acquiring the necessary skills required in the industry.

Recently, a picture of a Ghanaian teacher, Owura Kwadwo teaching ICT without a computer and drawing a Microsoft Word Format on a blackboard went viral online, showcasing how the lack of computers are affecting ICT education in Africa.

There is a big difference with regards to resources in Zimbabwe, creating a huge gap between students from well-funded schools to those struggling for resources. For example, there are schools without electricity and computers, while at school like Tnwald Primary School, every student has a laptop and they even have a 3D printer.

Former President Mugabe was well known for traveling to various schools and donating computers.

Some people commenting on the Twitter post on ZiFM’s Twitter page called for the president to donate computers to schools in their areas as the need for computer education is growing. Meanwhile, the government in conjuction with POTRAZ has responded to the call by availing the hardware.

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