ArtWorld Zimbabwe Creates E-Learning Solutions For Infants

Technology has penetrated education and many tech firms are vying for glory in the sector that is trying to revolutionize the way Zimbabwean students learn.

One such company is ArtWorld Zimbabwe, a Rusape based software development company that has developed some cutting edge e-learning softwares.

E-learning is not a new concept in schools but to many, the concept of technology in schools has been largely limited to computers and a few other devices. ArtWorld Zimbabwe CEO, Mr Fungai Madzike spoke to TechnoMag about Art World Zimbabwe, providing e-learning solutions for infants, their journey so far and his views on e-learning in Zimbabwe.

By Pearson Mbendera

“Art World Zimbabwe is a systems Development company specializing with advancement of already existing and invention of entirely new technology products,” said Fungai Mudzuki.

ArtWorld Zimbabwe, a Rusape based System development company was formed in in March 2012, dealing with the development of custom made alarm systems,biometric login, automated temperature control for barns, barns but after a few years of operation, it fell under hard times.

After coming back, they have launched a couple of products of educational softwares and school management systems that includes AlphaNovemba, Paint Genius, Maze maniac, Double ChunChad and Ark manager.

Paint Genius is a painting software for infants designed to challenge user creativity, improve IT competency and vision to action coordination and to widen the knowledge of pupils. The software is designed to cater for all primary schools, ECD centres and teacher training centres and also for personal use.

Another product from ArtWorld Zimbabwe is Alpha November, a highly interactive educational software for infants based on the English and Shona alphabets. AlphaNovemba allows users to input words as hinted by the given alphabet and image. With the ability to teach infants common English and Shona spellings. AlphaNovemba improves computer literacy, widens knowledge base and improves infant memory. It is based on ECD-Grade Two 2015 to 2022 syllabus.

Speaking on E-learning, Mr Mudzuki expressed optimism over the reception of e-learning in Zimbabwe but noted with great concern the lack of resources and tools needed for e-learning in schools.

“E-learning is a good thing but am worried with availability on necessary tools especially at primary level. Institutions still slow to respond to software, partly due to the fact that most of the teachers are not computer literate. The actual value of software is not appreciated due to ignorance in the computer field,” he said.

But this is not the job of one man or one organization, it is the task of everyone in the country.There are lot of people and organizations that have expressed interest in e-learning and forging ways to bring the best technology to schools. While the lack of resources will always be a hindrance to the full adoption of e-learning in Zimbabwe, this technological wave of change in the Zimbabwe education can no longer be stopped.

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