#MondayBlues: Mr President, Our e-Gvt Policy is a Sh*T Hole.

Most government ministers and their relevant ministries today are using Gmail, the relevant websites are either down half the time or they don’t even work, ZIMRA has lost hundreds of millions through their ASYCUDA system and simply apologized.

It is also shocking that in this age in time, you still can’t get digital police clearance and the fingerprints database at the Registrar General’s office cannot be used to track down criminals, while we are still waiting for the $9million national data center, our weather forecast is lucky to predict the next day.

By Toneo Rutsito

If you agree with all these national tech ills, then please kindly agree with me as well that our e-government system is nothing but a sh*t hole!

Mr President, you will only impress people like-minded if you possibly do this in your next 100 days before elections, because clearly, the past days the people surrounding you did nothing and are planning to do nothing about it.

We are sick and tired of being told of processes and channels to follow when a simple digital system can and would have helped this nation, simply because some few individuals are benefiting from the broken system. Zimbabweans today are allowed to struggle and create a national need that some few fools are benefiting from.


Anyway forget the budget arithmetic, it does not add up, it will not add up and was never meant to add up, i guess these are some of the inherited systems from the old government that needs a bigger broom to sweep.

Recently a friend of mine had relatives importing a vehicle, they were so excited to bring this beast to Zimbabwe, they were fully aware of the duty and had budgeted for it, in fact it was the much needed foreign currency.

After the duty processes, they were instructed to get temporary plates to drive it around. Why temporary plates at a cost when they have permanently imported the car into the country. Why is that the CVR cannot simply register new cars at the border and offer new plates. Why this process of forcing temporary plates?

Whose system is it and who is benefiting from it? Why is it a car cant be cleared by Vehicle Theft Squad (VTS) at any police station when we are busy building local servers that serve no purpose.What’s so special about the boys at Southerton that other police officers can’t do?


The UZ is sitting on a multi-million dollar High-Performance Computing Server (HPC) who else is it serving and why can’t we have connected systems co-locating this information.

Server As A Storage(SaaS), Server as a Platform SaaP) and Server as a Software (SaaS), we have already sunk millions into these but there is no change on the ground.

TelOne has got its own state-sponsored data center utilizing less than 10% of its capacity while millions of Zimbabweans are wasting hours in queues to retrieve documents that could have been simply duplicated by all these infrastructures.

The Registrar General’s office has its own servers and God knows what purpose these servers are serving when it takes them hours to simply get a Passport, ID or birth certificate, by the way whats the point of asking for my fingerprints every time one asks or loses a national document, who is feeding on these fingerprints?

Why do I need to get fingerprints taken and police clearance done at some few stations when an actual criminal docket is only kept at a certain police station and there is no database to validate that information. What if I pay to get the docket missing, does that makes me clean henceforth.

Huawei launched a smart city in South Africa, reducing the crime rate in Johannesburg by more than 60%, 3 years later we are yet to see the implementation of such basic technology in Harare.

Why is it impossible for the registrar to share the fingerprints he took during the national ID application? Whose technology watches over our premises at home or work and how easy is it for criminals to get away with it.


Speaking of servers, the government has allocated another $9 million towards the construction of a National Data Centre, what the heck is this for when we cant utilize the already available infrastructure to make meaningful sense.

I know there has been progress at the deeds office, yes you can now do some digital name search but there is more to it including the power to apply and register remotely for a new company online if at all we are open for business Mr President.

The physical process serves no security purpose but a man-made system that frustrates people in long queues to allow middle man to deliver the job at a much higher cost.

Thumbs to tax clearance certificate system by Zimra it has QR code to verify authenticity and their online system to book up, these have been doing well to serve us from the queue country syndrome, but have we failed to simply replace or maintain the UN-sponsored system, million have been lost already.

Last but not least, of course, this list does not exhaust the ills but few matters right at the top of my head. What is this creature Government Internet Service Provider (GISP) serving? I honestly do not understand how they operate save to say they have allowed most government ministries to use Gmail while their main websites are offline.

Do we need to buy another $9 million servers to host government websites? Before we blame President Trump for calling us a sh*t hole, lets clean up our systems so they really do not look like sh*t holes.










2 thoughts on “#MondayBlues: Mr President, Our e-Gvt Policy is a Sh*T Hole.

  1. the problem in Zimbabwe is tht everyone is eating from someone so noone wants to deliver lest the corners will be closed

  2. why does the Office of the president want to control e government ? this is the worst rthing ever to happen to our ICTs…uku kune mbavha who hide in the name of the president and the president sits back and smile meaning he is also benifiting somehow from the rot..what has been achieved since these millions were allocated on budget

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