Data Centre Africa Expo A Success: Organizers

Data Centre Africa is confident that they have achieved their objectives of educating consumers on Data Centres, conscentizing people on the importance of Data Centres and putting Zimbabwe back on the agenda of becoming the digital hub of Southern Africa after hosting the Data Centre Africa Expo.

The Data Centre Africa Expo was held in Victoria Falls and it ran from the 7th to the 9th of February under the theme, ‘The Road to Africa Digital Transformation.’ Speaking to TechnoMag, one of the organizers, Dr Dunny Derera expressed enthusiasm on their efforts after hosting the first ever Data Centre Expo in Zimbabwe.

The conference went fine. I think we achieved our objectives of putting Zimbabwe back in the digital agenda,” said Dr Derera.

The country’s geo-political position had been largely seen as a contributing factor in the country’s potential to becoming a leading digital hub of the region. But at the moment, South Africa leads the race of digital supremacy in the region.

Dr Derera believes that the telecommunication companies will invest heavily in the necessary infrastructure required to spearhead the nation to the top of the digital domination, but for their part, organizing the Data Centre Expo alone shows their belief in the country.

A lot of topics were discussed at the 3 day event that also included a two day Certified Data Centre Professional (CDCP) course during the conference, geared to put more exposure on the benefits consumers can derive from using Data Centre services.

The topic of Infrastructure sharing brought a heated debate as there were many people who didn’t think that it made sense, stemming from their misunderstanding of the concept of infrastructure sharing. But the many misconceptions people have on digital issues in Zimbabwe were part of the reason why Data Centre Africa organized the Expo.

The efforts of Data Centre Africa in lobbying for Zimbabwe to dominate the digital environment in the region is commendable and it comes at a crucial time when a lot is happening in the telecommunication sector.

Data Centre Africa in partnership with EPI is offering a two day Certified Data Centre Professional (CDCP) Course in Zimbabwe which will run from the 24th to the 25th of April, 2018 at Cresta Jameson Hotel in Harare. Their efforts to increase the exposure of data centre didn’t just end with the Expo.

The nation awaits to see what the telecommunication companies in Zimbabwe will come up with to help the country capitalize on its potential to become the digital hub of the region.

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